Business Lending:


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  West Advisory takes the guess work out of lending for your projects.  Our robust capital access products help you put your request in front of the right lenders with the right presentation.


We provide funding request development, loan strategy & packaging for select locally owned businesses.  Business lending clients typically have three or more loan facilities maturing in any given year.  West Advisory understands your business, presents your business to lenders as your financial adviser, and maintains a loan submission package at the ready for opportunities and renewals.

Restructuring, Workout Plans and Litigation Avoidance:


Have things taken an unexpected turn?  Your lender really doesn't want you to fail.  West Advisory helps you develop a plan and communicate quickly with your creditors.  The goal is to find common ground to get you back on track and back to business.  We work with existing creditors to develop feasible credit restructurings and help you develop new relationships with new lenders when necessary.  Our experience in lending combined with our deep understanding of loan workouts and borrower remedies helps you avoid more obstacles and find solutions.


Depending on need, West Advisory acts as a financial advisor to management or acts as a fractional CRO.

Economic Crisis Response:


Is your community a capital desert?  Have hard times hit small businesses or does your community desire to do more to create a thriving small business community? West Advisory supports businesses and communities by providing access to small business lending.   We provide municipalities, economic development organizations and institutions of higher learning capital access tools to quickly support disrupted businesses. 

West Advisory provides approval and processing systems for emergency bridge loans and small business assistance grants.  We work with communities to build their capital access products in good times so they are ready in times of crisis.

We help you keep your small business community in business: hurricane recovery, pandemic response, drought recovery, loss of an industry.

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