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Business is all about relationships. Some of the most important relationships in business are with your lenders and creditors.  Our team of experienced bankers will help you understand your project or problem from the bank's perspective.  We use this understanding to build a framework to successfully finance your project.


West Advisory and our team of experienced bankers are frequently called on by a borrower's legal or financial team to provide support in a lending discussion.  We provide funding request development, loan strategy & packaging for select locally owned businesses.  Business lending clients typically have multiple loan facilities with over $2MM in debt outstanding.  West Advisory understands your business, presents your business to lenders as your financial adviser, and maintains a loan submission package at the ready for opportunities and renewals.

We provide analytical insight and business litigation support in banking, lending, documentation, underwriting, compliance, and due diligence for counsel.  With court approval, we act as a financial advisor to businesses contemplating action under Subchapter V.

From discovery through trial, we assist counsel in identifying key issues, requesting documents, developing deposition questions, and providing expert testimony. We underwrite borrower plan proposals in support of plan confirmation.

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