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Your business owner client has called with a challenging banking problem.  They are having a difficult time with their bank: they were denied a loan, had their line of credit frozen, refused a renewal, are being asked for to meet an unreasonable commitment or, the worst, they have received notice of a default or pending litigation.

West Advisory's seasoned bankers help you and your clients understand the bank's position and develop strategies to appropriately address the situation.  Our bankers act as workout officers on behalf of you and your clients.  We are experts in righting banking relationships, finding better banking relationships, and taking on harder challenges when necessary.

Three tiers:

Relationship Management

New Funding Requests

Borrower Performance

Appropriate New Terms

Relationship Moves

Bank Analysis and Introductions

SBA Lending

Hard Equity for Opportunities

Asset Sales

Restructuring Leadership

Fractional Chief Restructuring Officer

Subchapter V SBRA Financial Advisor

Banking, Small Business, and Lending Expert Testimony

Case File Review

Deposition Support

Trial Testimony

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